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Amazing food abundance in Texas… Health Ranger harvests pears, grapes, apples and more… all grown with zero pesticides or herbicides… a genuine food Mecca!

always love sharing pictures of all the amazing food abundance in Texas, because the public perception of Texas is so distorted by the mainstream media. In the minds of people who live in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, Texas invokes images of tumbleweeds, cacti and dust. But that’s a description of California these days, not Texas!

Many parts of Texas are lush, with dark, rich soil that supports the easy growth of fruit trees, grapes and even bananas. I have a pear tree that’s so weighed down with delicious, honey-tasting pears that the branches droop to the ground!

Today I went harvesting and gathered bucket loads of pears and wild grapes. These arezero-effort foods requiring no cultivation at all. They weren’t sprayed with anything, so they’re 100% free of all chemical pesticides and herbicides (such as toxic glyphosate).

Now I’m busy washing and slicing all these pears, blending up amazing fresh smoothies and freezing the pear wedges for future smoothies. Given that I also grow my own lettuce greens using the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System that I developed (, my trips to the grocery store are become simpler and less expensive by week!

Indonesia: Soto

In Indonesia the food varies a lot and most every city or region has a dish they are known for. However there are a few specialties that are found throughout most of the country. One of these is “soto,” a delicious meat, veggie, noodle (even egg…if you’re lucky) soup served alongside rice that is filling, inexpensive and readily available. Each city has a different version of it, from “soto betawi” in Jakarta to “soto sokaraja” in Purwokerto. To indulge properly, first add “sambal” (hot sauce) to desired level and then begin slowly adding your rice to the soup as you eat out of the soup bowl.

China: Jiaozi

As China is divided into 34 provinces, it has a lot to offer – from stews, filling breads, steaming-hot noodle soup to Beijing roast duck, chicken and mushrooms with oyster sauce and traditional dim sum. One of the most delicious Chinese dishes are definitely jiaozi – traditional Chinese dumplings.
Jiaozi are wrapped in a yuanbao (silver ingot) shape, deep fried, filled with mince and veggies and served with spicy sesame oil. If you are not a big fan of meat, you can order vegetarian jiaozi stuffed with mushrooms, chives, cabbage or smoked beancurd and eggs. An order of six dumplings is generally under RMB 10 and you can find them in every Chinese restaurant and street food vendors.