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LISTEN: “Into The Ground” by Federal Lights

Winnipeg band Federal Lights are back with a video and new music from their upcoming release of Coeur de Lion, out Jan. 29th, 2016 via Aporia Records. The album has songwriter Jean-Guy Roy writing about the beauty found by examining the gravity of everyday moments; traveling through points of pressure, regret, solace, anticipation, and disquiet, without ever losing sight.


Here’s a photo from our show in New York at The Bowery. What a great night! This is going to be our final tour until the 2016. If you didn’t already know, we’ve put out our ‘debut’ record this year called The Gates and have been touring it since the spring. There are still a lot of Canadian markets that we haven’t had the chance to play yet, so we really hope to get out to see you all soon. We’ll also be back in the US in the springtime.

When Adele Says ‘Hello,’ Fans Listen

The numbers are in for Adele’s “Hello,” her first single in three years, and they are stunning.

Released on Oct. 23, “Hello” has shot to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, with a record 1.11 million download sales in the United States, according to Nielsen. Even in an era of declining downloads, “Hello” became the first song to rack up more than one million in a week — blowing well past the record of 636,000, set by Flo Rida’s “Right Round” in 2009.

The song also had a big splash on the radio and on streaming services, which both also contribute to chart positions on the Hot 100. According to Billboard, “Hello” had 73 million “audience impressions” on the radio — an estimate of how many times the song was heard, not played — and 61.6 million online streams in the United States.