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Search 40,000+ businesses, easily find & locate prospects, drive your sales & revenues

How Platinum Map

helps you improve your sales

Lebanon Map

Empower 5Index business directory with location-search & integrated Map

Lebanon Map

Get fast comprehensive results with the new Quick Category Search and Smart Keyword Search

Lebanon Map

Find prospects matching specific business criteria

Lebanon Map

Explore nearby businesses and don’t miss opportunities around you

Lebanon Map

Save the time you waste calling false leads and improve your sales conversion rate

Lebanon Map

Search in your target geographic areas and better manage sales territories

Lebanon Map

Get full details about your target business and drive your first sales call

Lebanon Map

Export customized contact-lists for effective marketing

Locate the address of your next meeting on Map using Where5 mobile app



Lebanon Map
All 5index Businesses on Map

33,000+ operational institutions 40,000+ companies & branches Data updated on weekly basis Access to full company profile

Lebanon Map

Find companies matching any single or combination of keywords: name, branch, industry, sector, activity, sub-activity, brand name, brand description, other specification.

Lebanon Map
Advanced industry search

Search by industry, sector, activity & sub activity 93 quick categories, 1500+ sectors/activities/sub-activities Multi-search

Lebanon Map
Powerful search filters

Year of establishment Nb of Staff Brand & Products Import & Export Countries Company Type: sarl, sarl, partnership, offshore, etc.

Lebanon Map
Custom Area Search

Free area drawing Administrative areas Nearby search.

Lebanon Map
Value-added Features

Get search results on Map and in Table Get distribution of companies of your search per market segment Search within result table Use map tools to customize your view (clustering, driving, display color) Add custom places and custom views for easy Map navigation Save search query within the session Export to Excel & print-out

Lebanon Map
Business Locator Mobile App

Find any company or branch Locate company on map Get instant contact info Open in Google Maps and get directions


It has always been a challenge to locate a business address in Lebanon on Map. Where5 mobile app makes it NOW possible with 40,000+ business addresses on Map!

(*) Requires platinummap active account

an Easy, Powerful,

and Affordable tool

Lebanon Map

Flexible Pricing, Great Value for Money

Lebanon Map

Automatic Data Update Every Week

Lebanon Map

Easy To Use

Lebanon Map

Assistance and support

Lebanon Map

On-line, No Software, Just a Browser


Plans for everyone

20% off - special launching offer

Subscription plans are based on the number of users that can simultaneously use the application. (i.e. If a business registers an account on 5Index and subscribes to the 5-users plan. This means that up to 5 users can share this same account and use the application at the same time.

Subscriptions are all annual-based. In order to subscribe, you need to register on 5Index.

After you create and validate your 5Index account, choose the plan you need and click ‘Subscribe’ to get forwarded to the payment page.

Small Business
1 user
2 users
$500$400 per user
3 users
$450$360 per user
Medium Business
4 users
$400$350 per user
5 users
$360$290 per user
6 users
$350$280 per user
7 users
$335$270 per user
Large Business
8 users
$325$260 per user
9 users
$310$250 per user
10 users
$300$240 per user


5Index Platinum Map is a product developed by GIS Guide – Map Technology & GIS Solution Provider in Lebanon, in partnership with 5Index of Lebanon, Data Provider & Leading Online Business Directory.

5Index Platinum Map is the fruit of hard effort & continuous work made by GIS Guide to geocode (add location on Map) near 40,000 active institutions & companies in Lebanon (5Index business data), and to build high-end application using latest Map and web technologies in order to deliver to clients the best experience for their users, and the highest added-value for their business.

Highly recommended by 5INDEX