Baalbek-Hermel Vendettas Panel Begins Action after Meeting Nasrallah

After dignitaries from Baalbek and Hermel discussed the security situation and the issue of blood feuds with Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on October 29, a reconciliation committee has started implementing the recommendations of the conference, a Hizbullah statement said on Wednesday.

“The reconciliation committee formed during this conference has started implementing Sayyed Nasrallah’s recommendations on the ground,” Wednesday’s statement said.

“The committee started its efforts in the town of Bednayel by holding a meeting there with dignitaries from the towns of Bednayel, Qsarnaba and Beit Shama,” the statement added.

Committee chief Faisal Shukur spoke during the Bednayel meeting, noting that “some parties might be behind the proliferation of security incidents in the community of the resistance.”

“The phenomenon of blood feuds has returned after a long pause and these incidents have started to pose an impending threat to everyone and only the enemies of this community will benefit from this,” Shukur warned.

“We must work to implement the Sayyed’s recommendations. He said that we must not protect, defend or cooperate with any wrongdoer… and that we must ask the State to play its role,” he added.