EDL Workers Kick-off Protests in Beirut and South Lebanon

Electricite Du Liban daily contract workers staged protests on Thursday and blocked the entrance to the company’s headquarters in Beirut to pressure the government into a long-standing demand that makes them full-time employees, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The employees first blocked the customer service gate and prevented the employees from accessing the building. Shortly afterward they only allowed the employee to enter, NNA added.

In a parallel move in the south, the EDL contract workers in the city of Tyre also blocked the entrance to the facility in the city.

“All the departments in the south have been blocked and this measure will apply all over Lebanon,” a spokesman in the name of the workers said.

He warned: “We will escalate measures and the blockade will extend to the power plants.” The spokesman reminded of the workers’ demands for full-employment “principally that they have taken the civil service exams.”

In 2012, an agreement was reached between the workers and EDL that the government will hire workers who pass a civil service entrance exam. Several hundreds took the exam and 140 passed but none were hired.