iBaroody Sheds Light on the Importance of Web Design and How to Hire the Right Designer for Your Website

Beirut, Lebanon, April 12, 2016 (Newswire.com) – iBaroody – one of the best companies for web design in Lebanon, sheds light on the importance of web design and how to hire the right web designer.
“Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.” — Bob Baxley
Good design is about problem solving. A website built on foundations of good design will feel visually appealing and natural to use to the users, which in turn will reflect in increased traffic and revenue.
A web designer’s job is to visualize the look and feel of a website and later transfuse it into the core of website by designing the layout, graphics, text and navigation of the site.
“People often confuse the two – web designers and web developers. A web developer’s job is to take the design and implement it by coding while a designer determines the look and feel of the site. Most individual web developers often tackle the two together – design and development, which often results in poorly designed sites”, said the official spokesperson for iBaroody – one of the best companies for web design in Lebanon.
Contrary to the popular belief, design is not something that anyone can do, you have to have proper training for it. Web-designing is a full time job just like web development. Having separate teams for both helps immensely and results in a website that is backed by professional design conceived with research, thought and creativity and not some “standard” or “downloadable” layout from the web.
“If your UI even vaguely resembles an airplane cockpit, you’re doing it wrong.” – John Gruber
Good design speaks to the user! What you want to convey depends on how clear you are on your values and goals; how well you convey depends on the designer you hire to design your website.
Further in the discussion on topic of hiring the right designer, spokesperson for iBaroody said, “Finding the right designer for your website that understands your vision and has the creative caliber to transform it into reality is a tough task; it’s like finding a needle in the haystack. To go about this process, one must start looking at the websites of industry leaders and analyze them, find the names of their designers and developers and contact them. Another good way is to go and look on website reviewing portals. Careful analysis of designer’s portfolio is a must in any case. You can also hire offshore web designers and developers. iBaroody is one of the best companies for web design in Lebanon with a long list of satisfied clientèle. All you need to do is go on their website and check out the work they have done for numerous clients from around the world”
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