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Managed Services Provider Helps Companies Protect Their Assets and Offers Free Assessments as Storm Season Approaches
Ephrata, Penn., September 7, 2016 ( – During this time of year, many companies in the Pennsylvania area are thinking about what would happen to their business in the event of a storm. Laser Lab, an IT services provider specializing in helping organizations make technology more affordable, efficient and secure, is offering advice to small and medium-sized businesses regarding best practices for backing up important data and recovering it after a disaster—natural or manmade. Additionally, the company is providing complimentary backup and recovery assessments to Pennsylvania companies to help them prepare.
According to Michele McHenry, CEO at Laser Lab, “Here in Pennsylvania, storms are a serious concern. Organizations need to be prepared, and that includes ensuring their data is properly backed-up to an off-site location and that there’s a plan in place for restoring that data after the storm. Our goal is to help companies put a plan in place so they can get back up and running as quickly as possible.”

Laser Lab’s Advice for Backup and Recovery in the Event of a Storm
1. Think About Your Business Needs
When it comes to your technology infrastructure, there’s a great deal to think about—networks, servers, workstations, databases, applications and proprietary data, just to name a few. When it comes to IT, you should base your priorities for safeguarding and recovering equipment and data on your specific business. If hardware is more essential than data, then relocating equipment to a safe location should be your priority. If access to customer or other vital data is essential, then your priority should be on having a backup (preferably off-site) to recover from afterward.
2. Talk to the Experts
Consulting with an IT services company—especially one that specializes in backup and recovery planning—can be a good idea, especially if a business doesn’t have dedicated IT personnel or a relatively small IT team. The IT consultant can identify potential weaknesses that may normally go overlooked and provide options for backing up data, as well as hosting servers and vital applications on a cloud-based platform to ensure seamless business continuity.
3. Make a Plan … and Test It
After priorities are established for hardware, software and data, and an expert has been consulted regarding backup and recovery, a complete contingency plan should be created. Individual responsibilities for securing equipment and data must be identified, and training must be completed to ensure all tasks can be completed successfully. Once this is done, the business should run a “mock disaster” drill to find and fill any gaps, as well as ensure data backup and recovery goes smoothly.
“Businesses of all sizes can benefit from taking precautions,” said Michele McHenry. “Many of the same actions one would take after a storm are the same you would use if recovering from a system-wide failure, a manmade disaster, a freak accident or a cyber-attack. Even if you don’t feel particularly threatened, it’s essential to have a what-if plan.”
Laser Lab is offering free disaster backup and recovery assessments for the month of September. For a small to medium-sized business or non-profit to qualify, they must be located in Lancaster Berks, Lebanon, or West Chester county and have a business that relies on computer systems for day-to-day operations. Qualifying organizations can sign up for their no-cost assessment online or call 717-738-3333.
About Laser Lab
Laser Lab is a managed print and IT services provider for small and medium-sized businesses located throughout South Central Pennsylvania. Some of the company’s services and solutions include print services, office equipment, OEM and remanufactured toner cartridges, cloud computing solutions, IT consulting, data backup and disaster recovery, and customized IT services. For more information about Laser Lab and its printing and IT business services and solutions, visit the company online or call 717-738-3333. To get the latest industry news and trends, go to the company blog.
Michele McHenry
Source: Laser Lab