Pikasso New Concession: Station® Network

We are delighted to announce that Pikasso signed an agreement with Medco to launch its first exclusive gas station concession in Lebanon.

Medco, one of the largest Lebanese full product line petroleum companies, has a reputation of excellent servicing, quality fuel, and a profile of upscale clients that are loyal due to the pioneering Liter Plus card that was the first to be launched in Lebanon.

32 Scrollers Backlits are installed in a selection of 25 stations in Beirut, its Metropolitan Area and Mount Lebanon

All 2m2 Scrollers Backlits are positioned at eye level and offer a long exposure due to their implementation as they are just in front of drivers, while filling their tanks, or at the entrance of the Medmart & Calmart mini markets. Inside Beirut City, the locations are also visible by cars and pedestrian passing by the station.

The Station® Network enables high visibility to target consumers regularly visiting the gas stations several times a month. It is a new place based advertising opportunity to add to your OOH Media Plans, reaching motorized audience and providing cost effectiveness.

The Station® Network is ideal to target the consumers of the following industries:
– Financial products: bank car loans and insurance.
– Car segment: cars, pneumatic, car oil and accessories.
– Products sold in Medmart & Calmart that are open 24/7: snacks, candies, bakery, cosmetics, detergents, canned products, dairy products, condiments, rice/pasta and fresh products. It targets specific shoppers due to parking places, accessibility and time. – See more at: http://www.pikasso.com/Lebanon/en/News/Press-Releases/Pikasso-New-Concession-Station-Network&year=#sthash.0Vg1h3R7.dpuf