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Number 1 Business Directory in Lebanon Since 1980. List of companies profiles in Lebanon and Top Companies in Beirut Lebanon

In 1980 5INDEX was introduced into the Lebanese market targeting the business community, aiming to provide a genuine business to business marketing tool to the community.

All Lebanese companies are listed in 5INDEX. As 5INDEX evolved from being the Number 1 Business Directory in Lebanon, NOW 5INDEX owns the most updated list of companies in Lebanon, Beirut, Jounieh, Jbeil etc.. All Lebanese Corporations, businesses, agencies, firms, NGOs, stores, shops, malls, retailers or wholesalers that are Legally Registered they are listed with 5INDEX.

In reality now: “If your Business or Company is NOT listed with 5INDEX your Business is NOT a Legitimate Business” All the Lebanese Banks now use 5INDEX Business and companies database for reputation, credit check and other legal purposes.

Throughout the years 5INDEX was enhancing its means and introducing new techniques into its system in order to provide more improved and advanced structured products. At this pattern, 5INDEX DB series were designed and conceived. They perform as a comprehensive database consisting of an electronic search engine, a powerful reporting tool, including global and vital business & company information on institutions operating in the market and Lebanon’s industries. This has given 5INDEX the algorithms and the ability to rate each business per industry, market, so forth and know who are the TOP companies in Lebanon.

The NEW 5INDEX Website launched early 2017 includes everything any business or individual in Lebanon or anyone living abroad to find, search, advertise buy or sell for free from Lebanon and/or market and advertise for FREE to all the Lebanese and B2B!


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